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Ethan and Isaac: Hold my Hand for Life Foundation

Ethan and Isaac Lamm are carefree, love to be outdoors, wrestle, giggle and tease one another. But more than anything, they love to play baseball.

Their lives are like the game they love. Their opponent: Fanconi Anemia, an inherited anemia that eventually leads to bone failure. Both boys will need bone marrow transplants to survive, a difficult reality that the twins will have to face far younger than anyone should.

During their lives they will be thrown balls, close calls that turn out in their favor. They’ll develop fevers that result in low blood counts that will return to normal when their illness passes. They’ll endure sleepless nights worrying about what to tell their friends or what the future will bring, but still waking healthy enough to take on the next day.

There will also be strikes, adverse events just because they have Fanconi anemia: illnesses that land them in the hospital or that put them one step closer to bone marrow transplant. And times when they are more susceptible to illness and it will be too risky to attend a school, a sleep over, or a family gathering.

Their hits, like advances in research or a bone marrow donor taking the step to join the bone marrow registry, will put them that much closer to winning the game. These moments will be celebrated and greeted with smiles.

We can hope that there will be home runs: their first middle school dance, high school graduation, first day at college or their wedding day.

Ultimately the game winning grand slam is a successful bone marrow transplant which will help them win their fight against Fanconi Anemia.

Their family has created the Hold my Hand for Life Foundation in their name, raising money to support Fanconi Anemia research and one day find a cure. Until a cure is found, a bone marrow transplant is the only chance for survival for people with Fanconi Anemia. Thus the Foundation aims to empower others to join the Be the Match National Marrow Donor Program with the goal of increasing the number of available donors for all those in need of a bone marrow transplant. In addition, the foundation aims to use funds collected for future fundraising and medical expenses.

The Hold my Hand for Life Foundation provides an annual bone marrow drive to help find a match for not just Ethan and Isaac, but anyone in need of a transplant.

Please sign up to “Be the Match,” and help Ethan, & Isaac, and so many others, beat Fanconi Anemia!