Ethan & Isaac need your help. Read their story.

Super Ethan and Super Isaac!!!!!

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Ethan & Isaac Lamm are four years old. They are carefree, love to be outdoors, wrestle one another, giggle, play music, and pretend to be super heroes. Often times, Ethan is Superman and Isaac is Spiderman. They run around plotting their next move against the evil forces and vividly describing how they are going to chase down the imaginary villain. Then, hand in hand, squealing and laughing, off they go!

Little do they know, they are real life super heroes in disguise. Their opponent: Fanconi Anemia (aka: FA), an inherited anemia that eventually leads to bone failure. Both boys will need bone marrow transplants to survive, a difficult reality that the twins will have to face far younger than anyone should.

Ethan & Isaac live normal lives disguising their heroism. They attend school, play baseball and soccer, go to birthday parties and family gatherings, and enjoying life to its fullest. It is only when their villain, FA, choses to shows it’s ugly face are they will be forced reach deep inside themselves to find their magnificent super powers to overcome the evil of blood draws, frequent doctor visits, and bone marrow biopsies. Often questioning if they have enough strength to persevere and asking what if they don’t.

As time passes and the FA villain will begin to take its toll on their bodies. It will force them into a world of isolation where their biggest nemesis will be their failing immune system. Ethan & Isaac will exhaust their physical powers and rely on allies to combine forces with them to turn their battle around. They will rely on healthy, brave bone marrow donors, magnificently brilliant scientists whose life work is searching for a cure, and the strong support of their family, friends, and community.

Thus, their family has created the Hold my Hand for Life Foundation in their name, raising money to support Fanconi Anemia research ( and one day find a cure. Until a cure is found, a bone marrow transplant will be their only chance for survival. This foundation aims to empower people to join the Be the Match National Marrow Donor Program ( with the goal of increasing the number of available donors for all those in need of a bone marrow transplant. In addition, the foundation aims to use funds collected for future fundraising and medical expenses.

Ethan & Isaac continue to live life day to day naïve to when they will have to unveil their super powers. As their bodies continue to battle their FA villain, they will face every day hand in hand, squeal, laughing and celebrating their accomplishments together!

The Hold my Hand for Life Foundation provides an annual bone marrow drive to help find a bone marrow match for not just Ethan and Isaac, but anyone in need of a transplant. This year’s drive will be April 12, 2014 in conjunction with a 5K and our annual Spring Fling. A day full of free, family fun is a guarantee! Please sign up to “Be the Match”, and help Super Ethan & Super Isaac win their battle against Fanconi Anemia!


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TONS of family fun. 5k. Awesome silent auction. PLUS the chance to save a life with just the swab of your cheek at the Bone Marrow Drive!! APRIL 12TH!!!!!!!!